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We match brands with the world's best filmmakers and video production companies.

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From sketch to storyboard, viewfinder to theater.

MILKYWAY is a new type of private marketplace connecting filmmakers and video production companies to the biggest brands, agencies, and publishers. Join a new world, where people get inspired and work together with the whole team across time zones, locations, and roles.

The world’s biggest brands and agencies

We connect talented people from the video production industry, with the world's biggest companies, brands, and agencies, to produce world-class content, at the highest quality, anywhere and everywhere.

Carefully selected talents

Talents and production houses featured on our platform are all thoroughly vetted before joining the private marketplace to ensure the best quality. Our executive producers and account managers will scope and run your video projects, centralize communication, ensure quality and consistency.

We're the matchmakers

We're a one-stop-shop for brands, businesses, and agencies seeking industry-standard video content. We're matching the best of both worlds, the best talents, and the biggest brands.
We're the matchmakers. We're MILKYWAY!

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Private beta access

For now, you can reserve your username and join our waitlist. We look forward to welcoming you.