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We match businesses, brands, and agencies with the world’s best filmmakers and video production companies.

Every business, brand, and agency today faces hurdles in producing video at scale. They have a continuous need to make high-quality content on a frequent basis. Right now, they rely on informal networks and word-of-mouth to find the right people to make those videos, which is time-consuming and inefficient.

MILKYWAY is a one-stop-shop for those seeking video professionals, directors, cinematographers, animators, CG artists, editors and more, to produce industry-standard short-form video content. Our team of dedicated account managers and executive producers help transform client’s needs into an easy to understand brief and advertise their project on a jobs board. Video professionals can search the listing pages for open jobs that match their expertise and find paid projects. Filmmakers and production companies featured on our platform are all thoroughly vetted before joining our marketplace. Our dedication to quality takes the pressure off businesses by only featuring premium video professionals. Customer reviews and the data collected on our centralized network gives freelancers incentive to deliver consistent, high-quality content.

Our platform creates a centralized place for businesses to streamline logistics, timelines, budgets, and communication. MILKYWAY allows professionals both seeking and creating content to manage their projects in one user-friendly cloud-based environment.

MILKYWAY launces in the fall of 2021. Right now, we are offering our private beta version to a limited number of creatives. We think it’s important to grow communities slowly, rather than 10x-ing the user base overnight. If you are interested in early access to our platform visit, https://joinMILKYWAY.com for more information.